Project D.A.R.E.


Project D.A.R.E. operates year-round so applications for admission can be submitted at any time. Appropriate candidates for our program are adolescent males, ages 13 to 18, who are facing an open custody disposition. Youth are typically referred to our program with the intention of addressing concerns related to substance abuse, family conflict, defiance toward adults/authority, recidivism, anxiety, depression, poor grades, lack of motivation, low self-efficacy, and negative peer relationships.
Referral Process

Step 1 | Apply for a Placement

Any youth Probation Officer in Ontario may refer a youth to the Project D.A.R.E. program for a minimum placement term of two months. A Referral Package is completed by the referring agent and submitted to our Admissions Coordinator for review. This package can be downloaded, completed, and faxed back to us. Contact us if you wish to speak to our Admissions Coordinator before completing a referral package.

A referral often starts with a phone call or email from the Probation Officer or Parent/Guardian where specific questions they have about the program can be answered and based on a general description of the young person, an initial indication can be given about whether the Project D.A.R.E. program appears to be appropriate to the young person’s needs.

Step 2 | Application Review

Our Admissions Coordinator strives to review each application within three business days. Upon review, a determination is made as to whether or not the youth appears to be a suitable candidate. If yes, our Admissions Coordinator will contact the Probation Officer to set up an admissions interview, either via phone, web-based video, or in person.

Step 3 | Interview with the Young Person

The admissions interview comprises of an electronic presentation highlighting our program and an interview with the young person. The presentation is intended to provide the young person, Probation Officer, and parent/guardian with an orientation to the program and the interview serves to further assess the young person’s capacity to do well in the program. Many young people are initially opposed to the thought of coming to the Project D.A.R.E. program, but we have found that in most cases the young person will voluntarily attend once they have had an opportunity to weigh their options and consider their future.

Step 4| Determination of Suitability

Following the interview, the Admissions Team will make a determination of suitability. The Probation Officer can expect to hear from our team typically within three business days following the interview. When an offer of admission has been extended, the young person will need to have a medical assessment and additional forms must be completed.

Step 5 | Confirming Admission Date

The Probation Officer should be in touch with our Admissions Coordinator to confirm that sentencing for the young person resulted in an open custody disposition. We will then negotiate an appropriate date for admission of the young person. Admission date can be influenced by whether all of the paperwork is in order (e.g., medical has been completed and submitted) and our program schedule (e.g., is the crew on trip or in camp?).

Step 6 | Admission Day

In most cases, our staff will arrange to pick up the young person from their current facility and bring them to our campus. Upon arrival, an admissions process will occur followed by integration into the crew with an intake ceremony welcoming the new member.

Once integrated into the crew, our Program Supervisor will be the primary contact person for Probation Officers and Family members to learn about the progress of the young person in program.

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